Brooks Ashby on caregivers, working families, and the 2012 elections

This Election the American Working Class spoke and we spoke loudly! I campaigned from precinct to precinct, and phone banked as well.  We won the Presidency of the United States, State Legislative Offices, important propositions 32 and 30, and Mayor of San Diego.  Winning this election will help the future of UDW’s homecare.  This was the most important election I had the privilege of working on.  I feel a strength of character, strength of organizing, strength of Union. I’m so excited for our future this is one election I’ll never ever forget in my lifetime.  God bless America, God bless our Union….U Go 3930!” – Brooks Ashby, Caregiver, San Diego County

Brooks Ashby (second to the left) with his fellow caregivers.


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