Lientuong Rose Nguyen

Rose at work.

Rose at work.

I care for my sister who lives with diabetes, high blood pressure, and a brain tumor. When I started as an IHSS provider 20 years ago, I cared for both my parents. When their caregiver hours were cut drastically in 2000, a union representative helped us get the hours back. I have been active with UDW ever since, helping other members to better understand our benefits and fight for our rights as caregivers.

From phone-banking to one-on-one home visits to attending the Orange County Board of Supervisors meetings every Tuesday, I have worked tirelessly for better wages and benefits for UDW members. I serve on my county’s bargaining team, where I help negotiate for supplies, better wages, and benefits for caregivers. and am honored to serve as the Secretary-Treasurer of UDW.

I was raised in Vietnam and come from a large family with deep ties to our religious community. In my spare time I enjoy reading, travelling, and writing, and I enjoy an active role in my church.

I strongly believe that a voice can sway the hearts of men and the purpose of a nation, and that the ability to speak one’s mind is a powerful tool. Together we have a voice through our union, and the rights and benefits gained and won by the union effect each and every member. We all have a responsibility to do our part and be as involved in the process of gaining those rights and benefits as we can. Together our voices are powerful!


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