Together we stopped the 20% cuts to IHSS

This week we reached a legal agreement to stop 20% cuts that would have devastated our families and clients.

For years, politicians have slashed the IHSS program and we filed lawsuits to stop them. Our agreement does not stop all of the cuts, but it is a step in the right directionYou can read more about the IHSS settlement agreement here.


“Building power together is how we hold politicians accountable to our community.” – William Reed, Homecare Provider, Placer County


“My clients and our family would not have been able to survive with a 20% cut.” – Rosalina Flores, Homecare Provider, Riverside County


“This is an agreement we can live with and build upon.” – Nicanora Montenegro, Homecare Provider, San Diego County












“Our work is God’s work,” said San Diego caregiver Editha Adams. Watch this video and share if you agree!

Download IHSS Settlement Agreement Factsheet in EnglishSpanish, or Vietnamese.

Click here to see legal documents.


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