Additional 4.4% cut to IHSS hours implemented July 1, 2013: What you need to know

When the state attempted to cut IHSS hours by 20%, we filed lawsuits with the disability rights community to stop them.  As a result, these cuts were reduced to 8% total (4.4% on top of the 3.6% cut already in effect) and were implemented July 1, 2013.  Read more here about how together we stopped the 20% cut.

Get informed and share information with your client.

FAQ from Disability Rights California about the 8% cut (pdf).

It is important you talk with your client and understand any changes to the number of hours you are authorized to work. The IHSS program will not pay you to work hours that are not authorized. Additionally your number of authorized hours may impact health benefits.

Disability Rights California, one of our partners through the IHSS Coalition, has composed an excellent fact sheet with questions and answers you may have about the cuts. Go to their website for other important IHSS information and translations to other languages.



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