Great news from the San Diego bargaining team

Stronger Together!

After years of organizing, rallying, and campaigning for justice for our families and clients, we have finally reached a Tentative Agreement with San Diego County to secure a much-needed raise for caregivers. This wage increase will make all our lives a little easier, and help keep our families and communities thriving.

We fought together, we stood united, and our voice—the collective voice of over 22,000 San Diego caregivers—was heard, loud and clear.

As soon as the agreement is finalized, you will receive a letter in the mail explaining your wage increase and benefits in detail.

Thank you so much for your continued efforts in this fight. Today we have seen that we truly are stronger together.

In solidarity,

Your San Diego Bargaining Team

Editha Adams, Caregiver & UDW President

Brooks Ashby, Caregiver & San Diego Chair

Douglas Bringas, Caregiver

Michelle Wise, Caregiver


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