The time is NOW: Let’s make immigration reform happen!

Rally for immigration reform.You’ve seen the video (featuring our very own Nicanora Montenegro!), you know the myths from the facts, and you rallied with your fellow caregivers at May Day actions across the state.

You already know why homecare workers support creating immigration reform that includes a path to Citizenship.

We are against the exploitation of workers, and we understand that this move would boost the economy and strengthen our workforce. Even more importantly, we care about keeping families together. This is why we support immigration reform, and this is why we must reach out to our lawmakers in Congress and urge them to do the same.

The following 10 Republican Congressmen need to hear from YOU:


Call 1-888-563-8430 and you will be connected to your local congressperson. Tell them that their constituents want immigration reform, and explain why you support a path to citizenship.

Concepcion Gonzales, Bakersfield caregiver and Kern County District Chair, is an activist for immigration reform:

“I came to the United States as an undocumented immigrant in 1944 when my father carried me on his shoulders across the Rio Grande. We settled down in La Feria, Texas, where the entire family worked for a Rancher who let us live on his land among the orange and grapefruit orchards in a leaky old house with no indoor plumping. Through the Rancher, my father was able to obtain a work visa and our family received green cards.My family eventually moved, and we migrated from place to place wherever there were crops to pick. We started in Texas and worked our way through New Mexico, Arizona, and then to California. We settled down in Arvin when I was 19-years-old. I remember when Cesar Chavez started the labor movement for farm workers and it was the best thing that ever happened to us.Throughout my life I have experienced the pain and struggles of being treated differently because of my legal status. When my father became very ill and I had the opportunity to be his care provider, I realized how important one’s legal status is for even the most basic things, like being able to receive care and support after working your whole life in this country. Unfortunately there are millions of people in need of services like IHSS, or who would like to be IHSS providers, but cannot without immigration reform.

I believe that we should all be given the same opportunities in life. Reform is long overdue. We need to work together and stand strong.”

Together, we can make immigration reform happen. It’s about workers and our families. It’s about putting people first.



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