Homecare aides making $10 an hour seen growing in U.S.

Tom Moroney – Bloomberg, Nov 21, 2013

…. Sheppard’s survival tricks are finely-tuned after seven years as a personal care aide, the fastest growing job in America.  ….   Supermarket shopping can be a luxury because of what she does for a living, making $9.78 an hour, with no benefits or guaranteed hours. She’s one of more than 900,000 personal care aides, caregivers who provide comfort and companionship for the elderly and disabled and perform daily chores so they can remain in their homes.  …. This summer, Sheppard made extra money as a speaker and organizer for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which is forming a union for independent home-care providers in Vermont. Her peers elected her to the 20-member bargaining committee, and she’d like to be its president. “Since I’d be pushing for a livable wage for members, I wouldn’t take anything less than $15 an hour,” she says.  Read more



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