Celebrating our victories of the past, present, and future

In 2008, Doug Moore became Executive Director of UDW.

Doug addresses the crowd at Disability Capitol Action DayA message from UDW Executive Director Doug Moore:

A message from UDW Executive Director Doug Moore:

This is a season that is all about reflection and gratitude for everything we have in our lives. We gather with loved ones and leave behind the old while welcoming in the new. As we look forward to 2014, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of our victories and successes from the last year:

  • We won raises and better health benefits for homecare providers in several UDW counties.
  • We opened new offices for caregivers in San Diego and Santa Maria, saving our members money and planting our roots firmly in the community.
  • We helped thousands of homecare providers get new free and low-cost health care benefits through the Affordable Care Act.
  • We successfully defeated a 20% cut to IHSS, and continue to fight to get rid of all cuts to the program.
  • We celebrated 40 years of the IHSS program at Disability Capitol Action Day with thousands of homecare providers, clients, and community allies.
  • We rallied for immigration reform to ensure that everyone has access to the American Dream.
  • We witnessed legislative victories for working people, including an increase in the minimum wage, new protections for domestic workers, and overtime pay for homecare providers.
  • We gave back to our community! From marching in a Veteran’s Day parade in Merced to feeding families in Riverside, UDW caregivers participated in hundreds of events across the state to help our neighbors.
  • We helped open a training center for homecare providers and the public (CAIPTC), which offers free and low-cost classes such as CPR, First Aid and family caregiving.

Even with all of these exciting developments and victories, our work is not done. Despite negotiations that have been going on for many months, we are still fighting for higher wages for caregivers in several UDW counties (Merced, Placer, Stanislaus, Orange, and El Dorado). As long as there are cuts to the IHSS program and caregivers are not paid a living wage, we will continue to fight together for justice. And it is by standing together that we will succeed.

Make sure to become a full member of UDW today — being a union member means we will have a stronger voice to fight together.

Happy New Year. Here’s to even more victories in 2014!


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