Second opinion: Will Obamacare streamline care for disabled people?

By: Megan Burks, Dec. 9, 2013

Second Opinion is a weekly Q-and-A series that answers questions from San Diegans on the Affordable Care Act. Ask yours here

The Question: Will the Affordable Care Act streamline care for people with disabilities?

Christina Mitchell is a graduate student studying nonprofit leadership at the University of San Diego. She says she was born a volunteer, and grew even more passionate about giving back when she became a single mother at 18 and relied on welfare benefits to make ends meet.

“You realize very quickly that we have to help each other,” Mitchell said. “Volunteering was a way that I could do that.”

Mitchell is now helping families caring for disabled dependents through her graduate research. She’s finding that they often deal with a tangled web of resources. Many have several doctors, multiple coverage providers, case workers and advocates and none of them are really talking to one another.

She wants to know if the Affordable Care Act will streamline the process for families caring for disabled individuals. Read more


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