You asked, we answered: Frequently asked questions from last night’s telephone town hall

Last night thousands of members joined our telephone conference, a town hall-style meeting led by UDW leaders and attended by our union’s lawyer. At the meeting we discussed our next steps for winning back overtime pay, ending the 7% cut to IHSS hours for good, issues with the new timesheets, and more.

For those unable to join us, here were the frequently asked questions from the call:

What's going on with the 7% cut?

Is the 7% cut to wages or hours?

When should we see an end to the 7% cut and our clients' hours restored?

How will reinstating the 7% cut help providers who already have max hours?

Can you tell us a little bit more about what is holding up overtime pay for IHSS providers?

A federal judge ruled against labor protections for homecare workers--is there anything in his ruling that stops the state from paying IHSS providers?

Is this case being appealed or is this the final word on overtime for homecare workers?

If overtime is granted, will providers get retroactive pay, going back to January 1, 2015?

Are penalties being incurred right now?

What is our union doing about parent providers who take care of more than one child with a disability?

What are our next steps to defend overtime pay?

Are the new timesheets still being used?

Why am I being paid so late? I still haven't got a check for Jan. 1-15.

What about paid sick leave?

Why are there different pay rates for different counties? What are we doing to raise wages?

My client's hours were cut. What should I do next?

We also livestreamed the call! For those who missed it, here’s a video from last night’s town hall:


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