Justice for IHSS providers: Take action

As you know, the equal rights that we fought so hard for last year have been put on hold, but this is not the last word on overtime.

UDW homecare workers are taking action to respond to Governor Brown’s decision not to pay us overtime, travel time, and medical wait time after a federal judge overturned the decision to include caregivers in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). We’ve launched a statewide petition with over 6,000 signatures and met last week on a statewide conference call to talk about our next steps.

And we’re doing so much more! Here are the six steps we’re taking right now to win justice for homecare providers:

  1. Federal Court Appeal

The U.S. Department of Labor has already appealed the judge’s ruling and it is now on the fast-track for review, meaning that we could see a decision in our favor as early as summer 2015. UDW’s lawyers are doing everything they can to support this appeal and fight for our rights at the legal level.

  1. Letters to Governor Brown and the Department of Social Services

Earlier this month the homecare unions of California (UDW, SEIU, and CUHW) wrote a joint letter to Governor Jerry Brown to express our disappointment with his decision to halt the implementation of overtime pay.

Last week, we wrote to the Department of Social Services, addressing these and other concerns. We also stated our objections to the CDSS’ decision to not require the recording of overtime, travel time, and medical accompaniment in CMIPS II, and the discontinuation of timesheet trainings.

  1. Meeting with lawmakers and community leaders

We are also reaching out to our allies in the community and at the legislative level to garner support for our fight. Recently in San Diego we held a community leaders meeting where we educated our allies and advocates on the issues at hand and urged them to write letters to the Governor, sign our petition, and get involved. You can read tweets from the event here.

  1. Statewide homecare action on February 11th

California homecare workers will be participating in statewide actions next Wednesday, February 11th. Call your local office to find out how you can get involved.

  1. Upcoming meetings for IHSS providers

Come to a UDW membership meeting in February to discuss our fight for overtime pay, our next steps for ending the 7% cut to IHSS hours, issues with paychecks and the new timesheets, and more. Check out our calendar on our homepage at www.udwa.org or call your local office for more information.

  1. …and we need you!

Last but not least UDW homecare workers are mobilizing our fellow caregivers to get involved and join the action! Throughout this fight we will be participating in statewide actions and staging protests at the Capitol—and we need all the help we can get. Let’s show Governor Brown that we are stronger together. Call us to get involved today and share your story here.


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