Make the most of your low-cost dental benefits

Did you know that UDW members have access to a low-cost dental plan through Dental Health Services? Learn how to make the most of your dental benefits by reading the articles below!

Are you having trouble navigating your dental benefits, or need help disputing a charge from a dental provider? Contact our insurance broker Glenn Walker of Goldman & Walker at 1-800-883-0902. Haven’t signed up to be a UDW member yet and want access to dental care for as low as $18/month? Sign up to be a member now.

Are you visiting your dentist enough?

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Visiting your participating, Quality Assured dentist regularly is critical if you wish to reap the benefits associated with strong oral health and wellness.

It is recommended that you visit your dentist twice per year. If you are at increased risk for tooth decay and/or poor dental hygiene, ask your dentist if more frequent visits are necessary.

Even if you don’t have major oral health issues, visiting your dentist twice a year will reap many health benefits. Regular dental visits help you maintain a cavity-free mouth, and contribute to lifelong dental health. They allow your dentist to fully examine your mouth, ensuring that small problems are discovered and corrected before they turn into more serious health issues.

And remember to keep your dental appointments with your dentist. This will help reduce dental emergencies, more time in the dental chair, and most importantly, lower dental expenses.


Understanding your Dental Health Services coverage

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Your Dental Health Services Member Service Specialists are available to answer your questions regarding your dental coverage, treatment plans, and services available to you.

To make sure you make the most out of your Dental Health Services plan, make sure you follow these simple guidelines:

Refer to your Schedule of Covered Services and Copayments. If you have a question about whether or not the treatment recommended by your dentist is covered by your plan, this resource will inform you of your options.

Call your Member Service Specialist. If you still have any questions regarding your treatment, call 1-877-890-7023 and one of our Member Service Specialists will be happy to assist you.

Know that you have options. Your dentist may recommend extra treatment options (not included in your covered services). These additional services are always optional. You can decline these treatments and select only those covered by your plan if you choose.

Ask your dentist for a treatment plan prior to receiving treatments. It is your right to know your dentist’s intentions for your oral care.

Make sure you fully understand and agree to anything you sign. Contact your Member Service Specialist who will help you understand what treatment options are being offered to you by your dentist.

We are here to help you get the most out of your benefits, and if you ever have questions about the services covered by your plan, contact your Member Service Specialist at 1-877-890-7023 or We will be glad to help you in any way we can!


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