Riverside County Addus HomeCare workers transition to new employer

UDW homecare worker and former Addus District Chair Rosa Ramirez at convention

UDW homecare worker and former Addus District Chair Rosa Ramirez at convention

On June 30, the contract between Riverside County and Addus HomeCare (Addus) ended and was not renewed. This means Addus homecare providers with IHSS clients are no longer employed through Addus, but remain members of UDW. Two health plans – Molina Healthcare and Inland Empire Health Plan – are now contracted with the county, and will provide payment services to our formerly-Addus homecare workers in Riverside.

UDW worked closely with Addus, the Riverside County Public Authority, and the health plans to ensure that our members were able to smoothly transition from Addus to the health plans. It is important to note that neither homecare providers’ ability to work, nor their clients’ IHSS hours were impacted by these changes. All IHSS clients with providers will be fully transitioned by mid-July.

We are very thankful to UDW homecare provider Rosa Ramirez for her dedication and service to our union as Riverside Addus District Chair. Her leadership over the years and throughout the transition have been critical to Addus homecare workers in Riverside County. Rosa has been a provider for over 20 years, and a powerful advocate for justice for homecare.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-800-621-5016.

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