Ed Roberts, father of independent living movement, to be inducted into California Hall of Fame

CDCAN DISABILITY RIGHTS REPORT CALIFORNIA DISABILITY COMMUNITY ACTION NETWORK #197-2011 – DECEMBER 7, 2011 – WEDNESDAY   One of 10 Other Californians To Be Honored In December 8th Ceremony In Sacramento Hosted by Governor  Jerry Brown and First Lady Anne Brown SACRAMENTO, CA (CDCAN)  [Last updated 12/07/2011 05:00 PM] –  The late Ed Roberts, revered by people with disabilities and seniors across the nation for his trail blazing work as a disability and civil rights leader, will be one of 10 Californians to be inducted in the California Hall of Fame, in a ceremony hosted by Governor Jerry Brown and First Lady Anne Brown on December 8th, […]

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Medical certification requirement for IHSS

Please Share this Important Information With Your IHSS Clients Starting August 1, 2011, all current IHSS recipients–and new applicants for the program–must have a licensed health care professional provide medical certification that the recipient has a medical need for IHSS.  Under the law, your client should receive a new medical certification form (SOC 873) during or shortly after his or her annual assessment. (This is in addition to the form usually requested by the social worker during the assessment.) The SOC 873  form must be filled out by a licensed health care professional and returned to the county within 45 days […]

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Consumer shares poem “A Little Mixed Up” by Bart Beck

On Sunday morning an IHSS client called UDW in a panic because his caregiver had not arrived yet to take him to his appointment. We reminded him that his appointment was for Monday and that a caregiver would be there to get him to his appointment on time. He was very embarrassed, so I told him we all get mixed up on the days, and that I do it myself quite often. Later I received a poem from this client via the caregiver that worked for him Monday. Here is the poem (shared with permission): “A Little Mixed Up” by […]

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Misguided IHSS anti-fraud campaign targets elderly and disabled

A Report by UDW Homecare Providers Union April 2011 Also See: UDW Response Letter to CDSS Background In July 2009, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, joined by several county District Attorneys and staff from the Department of Social Services, held a press briefing in Sacramento. During the briefing, Gov. Schwarzenegger declared that there was a fraud epidemic in the In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program and that the rate of fraud in the program was 25 percent or more. Following the press briefing, the Sacramento Bee accused the governor of: “Spouting misleading rhetoric about waste and fraud”, while the San Jose Mercury-News […]

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Know your rights: IHSS unannounced home visits

One of the anti fraud provisions in the 2009-10 state budget authorized unannounced visits by county or state agents to the homes of IHSS recipients.  Unfortunately, we have had reports that some counties are unfairly and improperly using this provision.  That’s why  UDW wants to make sure that all our members and their clients     KNOW THEIR RIGHTS.    Here is some valuable information from Disability Rights California  for you to share with your clients.  (Use this link to download the entire report.) 

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