Spring 2020 Caregiver

President’s Report, Spring 2020

Dear Fellow Caregivers, The past three months have been unlike any we’ve experienced in this country. With the pandemic upending our daily lives and protests over police killings testing the fabric of our communities, it has been hard just to get through our days. Our work as caregivers has gotten even harder: day programs and schools closed, leaving our clients irritable and needy; the state labels us “essential workers” but can’t seem to get us the supplies we need to keep ourselves and our clients safe; and on top of it all…California threatens a cut to the IHSS program. Sometimes […]

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Unity in Our Community

Living and working during the COVID-19 pandemic is tough… but caregivers are tougher! Throughout the state, UDW members are coming together in crisis—and remembering what truly matters. “There are people who can’t leave the house to buy food or supplies. They need our help, so we are doing everything wecan to support our community.” In Riverside County, UDW caregivers Camilla Bradford and Marcus Haynes are working together to serve meals to their community through the certified restaurant they run in Bradford’s home. In addition to their customers, Camilla and Marcus work to feed those who can’t afford food, providing another […]

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UDW secures emergency victories for IHSS providers and our families

Caregivers are essential frontline workers, but we don’t always get the same attention as other medical professionals. That’s why our union responded immediately to the COVID-19 crisis, demanding the state of California take immediate, direct action to address the needs of the IHSS community. And because our united voices give us power, the state listened. Some of the things UDW won for IHSS providers: PersonalProtectiveEquipment (PPE): UDW members made it clear that our number one need is masks, gloves, disinfectant and the other necessary supplies to keep us and our clients safe. When supplies at our UDW offices ran out, […]

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Coming Together in a Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our world, and it’s been especially hard on the IHSS community. Because our clients are seniors and people with disabilities, they’re at risk to suffer the most severe effects of COVID-19. And because social distancing is not possible when you are caring for another human being, home care providers are at high risk of exposure ourselves. Although we are essential frontline workers like nurses and doctors, we were last in line when it came to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks, gloves, disinfectants and cleaning supplies. But in times like these, we have learned who […]

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