Election 2020

Your voice matters!

Home care workers can effect real change by making sure we elect leaders who will fight for us and our clients. In 2020, we get to do just that. Our vote is our voice and our power, so we carefully vet candidates in both local and statewide races. Recommendations are made to each local UDW board and our executive board, so that UDW members have a direct say in which candidates will best represent the needs of home care workers, our clients, and our communities.

Are you registered to vote? Register online by October 19, 2020 so that you can vote in the general election on November 3rd!

Click here for information on your voting rights. If you have problems at the polls, call 1-877-321-VOTE (8683) to report them.

UDW Endorsements

UDW only endorses candidates that complete our endorsement process, which is open to all candidates regardless of political party.

The following candidates have been endorsed by the UDW Executive Board or the UDW District Executive Boards:

To see how state legislators did this year in support of IHSS providers and supporting UDW, have a look at our 2019 Legislative Scorecard.

California State Assembly

District Candidate
1 Elizabeth Betancourt
2 Jim Wood
4 Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
6 Jackie Smith
7 Kevin McCarty
9 Jim Cooper
10 Marc Levine
15 Buffy Wicks
16 Rebecca Bauer-Kahn
17 David Chiu
18 Rob Bonta
19 Phil Ting
20 Bill Quirk
21 Adam Gray
22 Kevin Mullin
24 Marc Berman
25 Alex Lee
26 Devon Mathis
27 Ash Kalra
28 Evan Low
29 Mark Stone
30 Robert Rivas
31 Joaquin Arambula
32 Rudy Salas
35 Dawn Addis
39 Luz Rivas
41 Chris Holden
43 Laura Friedman
44 Jacqui Irwin
45 Jesse Gabriel
46 Adrin Nazarian
47 Eloise Gomez-Reyes
50 Richard Bloom
51 Wendy Carrillo
53 Miguel Santiago
54 Sydney Kamlager
55 Andrew Rodriguez
56 Eduardo Garcia
57 Lisa Calderon
59 Reginald Jones-Sawyer
60 Sabrina Cervantes
61 Jose Medina
62 Autumn Burke
63 Anthony Rendon
65 Sharon Quirk-Silva
66 Al Muratsuchi
68 Melissa Fox
69 Tom Daly
71 Elizabeth Lavertu
72 Diedre Nguyen
74 Cottie Petrie-Norris
75 Kate Schwartz
76 Tasha Boerner-Horvath
77 Brian Maienschein
78 Chris Ward
79 Shirley Weber
80 Lorena Gonzalez

California State Senate

District Candidate
3 Bill Dodd
5 Susan Eggman
9 Nancy Skinner
11 Scott Wiener
17 John Laird
19 Monique Limon
21 Kipp Mueller
23 Abigail Medina
25 Anthony Portantino
27 Henry Stern
29 Josh Newman
31 Richard Roth
33 Lena Gonzalez
35 Steven Bradford
37 Dave Min
39 Toni Atkins

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