UDW members are voting YES to power our movement for the future

For the first time in 15 years, UDW is updating our dues structure to better reflect our values of equality and our commitment to the future.

Our elected member leaders chose a new dues structure that ensures financial stability so our union can fight back against attacks on home care and win what we need. In the new structure, the dues rate will be 3.5% of gross IHSS wages with a monthly minimum of $20 and monthly maximum of $49. It will be implemented over a period of four years.

Why a new structure and why now? Because, after the sacrifices we have made as frontline workers in the pandemic, caregivers have shown what we are worth and we are ready to demand more.

What we’ve accomplished

When we began our union over 40 years ago, we set out with a clear and uncompromising goal: to better the lives of IHSS caregivers, our clients, our families and our communities. And together, we have won victories that have changed what it means to be an IHSS caregiver in California:

Collective bargaining rights

Overtime pay

Paid sick days

Path to a $15/hr minimum wage

Paid travel and medical accompaniment time

Direct deposit and electronic timesheets so we get paid faster

PPE and supplies for providers during COVID-19 pandemic

Ended cuts to IHSS hours

...And so much more.

What we can win

Now we are ready for bigger challenges—and bigger rewards. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us we cannot go back to the way things used to be. Together, we can build a future with better IHSS pay, retirement security, health care for every caregiver and their family, and financial security for when we are sick or lose our client. And we can stop cuts to IHSS for good. But we will need to recommit ourselves to the fight.

You will be receiving a ballot to vote on the new dues structure in early March. Returning your ballot with a YES vote means you are voting:

  • YES! for higher IHSS pay
  • YES! for statewide, not county-by-county IHSS bargaining
  • YES! for more access to high-quality health care for our families
  • YES! for retirement security
  • YES! for a future where everyone has the care they need and every caregiver is well-paid
  • YES! for long term care for all

This pandemic has shown us we cannot go back to the way things used to be. But the way forward holds promises and rewards that can change our lives for the better.

Join your fellow UDW members in investing in your union and your future. Vote YES When you get your ballot. Because this is our union, and our future.

Still have questions?

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