New IHSS Providers

We need your help to protect homecare!

Dear Fellow Caregiver,

Welcome to the community of IHSS providers!

We are the heart of homecare. We serve our communities by caring for the people who need it most – family members and neighbors who are often overlooked by society.

Our work is rewarding, but also very difficult. This is why we have come together to offer each other a community of support. Through UDW – the homecare providers union – we can speak up about issues that are important to us and our clients. Together, we protect the IHSS program and our families.

I ask you to join UDW. Becoming a member gives you access to extensive benefits, and your contribution powers the work we do every day to protect IHSS. Join us in fighting for what matters most – people taking care of each other.

In unity,

Editha Adams, UDW President

Did you know that UDW fights for homecare providers and our families?

7-23-14_New.IHSS.Providers.2010.rallyUDW – the homecare providers union – fights for the issues that are most important to caregivers, our clients and loved ones.

Together as union members we:

  • Stopped the Governor’s proposal to ban providers from working over 40 hours per week
  • Defeated a 20% cut to IHSS hours in court last year
  • Won overtime pay and direct deposit for caregivers
  • Help providers appeal client’s hours assessments and win back pay
  • Win pay raises and health benefits for caregivers
  • Are fighting to end a 7% cut to IHSS hours

Other benefits of UDW membership include:

  • Free trainings for caregivers, such as CPR and first aid
  • A low-cost dental plan
  • Discounts on cell phone plans, auto insurance, and more
  • For a full list of member benefits visit

We are able to do all this by uniting as union members.

Sign a membership card and become a full union member here.


JOIN US! Our clients and loved ones are worth it.

Did you know?

Union dues pay for victories that put money in your pocket!

  • UDW stopped $17 fee for additional FBI background check
  • UDW has helped thousands of providers get FREE healthcare through the Affordable Care Act
  • UDW won overtime pay for providers
  • UDW stopped 40 hour per week cap
  • UDW stopped pay cut to minimum wage
  • UDW won pay increases
  • UDW has won thousands of dollars in back pay for providers by helping clients get more IHSS hours

*New providers may pay an initiation fee of $25, paid in two installments of $12.50.


We are the voice of caregivers at the State Capitol

We are the voice of caregivers
at the State Capitol


We help caregivers and clients get more IHSS hours and win back pay

We help caregivers and clients get more IHSS hours and win back pay






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