Merced caregivers ask you to ‘honk for Homecare’!

Caregivers come together every Tuesday morning to urge the Merced County Board of Supervisors to Put People First.


Every Tuesday at nine in the morning you can find us lined up on M Street in front of the Merced county building, waving signs and talking with our neighbors. “Honk in support of homecare,” our signs read. And people honk.

We are the homecare workers of Merced County, and we care for our community’s most vulnerable citizens. Some of us serve our own family members who are elderly or who have disabilities, and others care for your loved ones who need help to survive.

So why are we out on the street? We desperately need the County to take action for our families and neighbors, so we are urging the Board of Supervisors to invest in homecare and Put People First.

Homecare saves lives. It allows people like my 87-year-old mother to live safely in her own home, instead of being forced into costly institutional care. It also saves money, but for the past decade care through the state’s In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program has ended up on the budget chopping block. On July 1st of this year, IHSS clients—children, adults, and seniors—received an 8% cut to their hours of care. This means less help with eating, bathing, going to doctor’s appointments, and all of the tasks that improve a person’s quality of life.

What’s more, Merced homecare providers make just $9/hour and haven’t seen a raise since 2008, even as the cost of living has increased significantly. Caregiving is stressful work that is both emotionally and physically demanding. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from only makes the work harder.

On Tuesday mornings you can see Merced caregivers working together to make positive change. We are showing up to the Board of Supervisors meeting each week to share our stories, and we are demonstrating on M Street to get our message out to the public. Most of all, we are supporting one another.

Join us at our next action on August 27th. You can get more info and RSVP by calling us at 209-386-1120. If you can’t make it, call your County Supervisors today at 1-888-204-3792 and tell them to Put People First. And if you see us out on M Street, don’t forget to honk for homecare!

In solidarity,

Josie Ochoa, Merced caregiver and District Chair


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