Let’s remind our elected officials to protect homecare and Put People First

We say "Put.People.First!"We have had a lot of successes in the last year that saw raises in many counties as well as health care becoming available to more caregivers than ever before. Most recently, we saw a victory for caregivers in Stanislaus County: today members are voting on a wage increase after a hard-fought contract negotiation. Congratulations to everyone in Stanislaus!

But we still have work to do. Contract negotiations are currently happening in Merced, Orange, Placer, and El Dorado where we need to make our voices heard.

Merced caregiver Katrina Bucol said, “I care for my brother Randy and I promised our mom when she died that I wouldn’t put him in an institution. But it’s hard to make ends meet when I only make $9 per hour. Right now we’re behind on two of our bills so I hope the Board of Supervisors does the right thing by investing in homecare.”

Merced caregiver Katrina Bucol In Merced County, Katrina and a group of caregivers have been gathering outside of every Board of Supervisors meeting for over a year. They rally in front of the building and make at least one public comment per meeting. This is the kind of dedication that we need to pressure politicians to Put People First at the bargaining table.

Placer and El Dorado are facing similar struggles in negotiations and UDW caregivers are making our voices heard at meetings there, too. Several providers told their stories at the Placer Board of Supervisors meeting in late February, and we will continue to make our voices heard at meetings and rallies whenever we can. With wages stuck at the same level for five years, Placer providers are not giving up the fight for justice, especially as the Placer Board of Supervisors are seeking a substantial raise for themselves. If there’s money for them to seek a raise, certainly there’s money to fund a raise for the caregivers who care for our seniors and people with disabilities.

The only way we can succeed is if we work together to make our voices heard. We need to come to meetings in counties where bargaining is still happening and tell our elected leaders about the important work that we do in our communities. They also need to hear from us on the phone. Call 1-888-204-8392 from Placer, El Dorado, Merced, and Orange to be connected to your County Supervisor. Tell them to do what’s right to protect homecare and to Put People First!


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