“Governor Brown: Don’t give me to strangers!”

Stephanie and Jessie EppertThat was what IHSS client Jessie Eppert wrote on her sign at a rally to protect continuity of care at the Capitol in May.

Jessie and her mom, UDW caregiver Stephanie Eppert, have been on the frontlines fighting against Governor Brown’s proposed cuts since they were first announced in January.

Now that caregivers and our clients have successfully protected continuity of care by winning overtime pay for caregivers, many of us are dreaming about what we will be able to do with the extra income we’ll be making come January. For a lot of us overtime pay means finally being able to pay all of our bills and staying in our homes, and for some it even means being able to save up some money for a change.

For Jessie, overtime means she will continue to be cared for by her mother instead of strangers. Stephanie is excited that she will be able to enroll Jessie in dance classes, something the young girl with Down syndrome has been wanting for a long time. “Someday we might even be able to go to Disneyland,” Stephanie said. “That would be a dream come true for her.”


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