UDW Caregivers Make History: Overtime Victory Will Help Our Families

For the first time ever, IHSS providers will be paid overtime

June 5th Rally

After an intense six month campaign, UDW caregivers successfully stopped Governor Brown’s attempt to ban providers from working more than 40 hours per week. Starting in January 2015, IHSS providers will be eligible to earn overtime pay – for the first time in history. Our latest victory shows just how much is possible when we stand together!

  • We successfully defeated Governor Brown’s proposed hour cap that would have meant strangers caring for our loved ones and clients, and forced many of us further into poverty.
  • Scheduled to start in January 2015, caregivers who work more than 40 paid IHSS hours per week will be paid time-and-a-half for overtime hours. If you work in Riverside County, for example, your regular wage rate would be $11.50/hour and your overtime wage would be $17.25/hour.
  • IHSS providers can earn a maximum of 21 hours per week in overtime pay (26 hours if the 7% cut to IHSS hours goes away).
  • IHSS providers will also now be paid for travel time in between clients and for wait time at clients’ medical appointments.
  • We are still fighting to end the 7% cut and fully restore our clients’ hours.

“This is real progress toward equality and dignity for homecare workers. As always, we still have more work to do.” –UDW Executive Director Doug Moore

Still have questions about overtime pay? Read more here.


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