We need YOUR VOICE to help caregivers

Throughout the month of November we’re asking UDW members across the state to help us improve IHSS by answering three questions at www.udwa.org/survey.

We want to hear from you—what challenges do you face as a care provider, why did you become a member of our union, and what IHSS issue do you think we should take on in 2015? Make your voice heard by November 30th for a chance to win a $200 grocery gift card.

What are some of the challenges you face as a caregiver?

Norma B.

“Managing my time while caring for two people. Both of my clients have completely different needs—when one has an appointment, do I take them both or arrange care for the other? It’s a constant challenge.” – Norma Barajas, caregiver, Riverside County

“The hours I am paid cover less than a third of the 24-hour care my mom needs. I am also her live-in provider, which means I am unable to just leave the house when my five hours per day are done. My mom needs me to be with her at all times and having no real respite from the job takes its toll.” – Michael Moulton, caregiver, El Dorado County

Lisa L.

“I would say that one of my biggest challenges would have to be my client’s mobility needs. She needs a power wheel chair, but I don’t know how to help her find the resources available to see if she qualifies for such services. There is very limited public transportation where I live, and the policy is that we need to book a ride reservation a week in advance, which makes coordinating her doctor’s appointments a hassle.” – Lisa Lemons, caregiver, Stanislaus County

Why did you become a UDW member?

Julian H.

“I joined because I want quality of life and dignity for my dad. Being a part of our union allows me to learn from others, and gives me the strength to do what I do.” – Julian Havandjian, caregiver, San Luis Obispo County

“I am the owner of a hair salon and was helping take care of one of my elderly clients for free. When the economy got rough I found out that she qualified for IHSS and that I could become her paid caregiver. I found out about our union when I attended my orientation. Now I’m volunteering with our membership drive! I like visiting members and hearing about some of the challenges providers face because I know I am not alone. I’m a member because I believe that if we don’t stand together we will fall.” – Yvonne Griffin, caregiver, San Diego County

Jessica G.

Jessica G.

“I have been a member of this union for a long time, back when we only paid $5 for membership dues. I am now paying more in dues, but it’s all worth it! The union has guided me through appealing hours that were cut, and any time I need help with my daughter Valerie’s IHSS case, they have been there for me. I also like attending union events because I get to meet other providers in my area.” – Jessica Gonzales, caregiver, Santa Barbara County

What IHSS issue should we tackle together as a union in 2015?

Julie H.

“We need to demand a new contract with Placer County to give caregivers a raise. We’ve waited for years and it’s time for them to get serious.” – Julie Hansen, caregiver, Placer County

“We need to get paid sick leave for homecare providers!” – Blanca Abarca, caregiver, Merced County

“We have to get rid of the 7% cut to IHSS, and I’d love to see us fight for a retirement or pension plan for homecare workers.” – Vanna Nguyen, caregiver, Orange County

“Increasing wages for all caregivers to $13-$15 an hour.” – Lorie Moore, caregiver, Riverside County

Answer the three questions above at www.udwa.org/survey. UDW members in good standing will be entered to win a $200 grocery gift card.* Don’t forget to submit your answers by November 30, 2014!

*Contest rules: Submit your answers by November 30, 2014 to be entered to win a $200 grocery gift card. One entry per member, must be a UDW member in good standing to win.


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