President’s Report, November 2014

Caregivers deserve thanks—and equal rights

UDW President Editha Adams (third from left) and caregivers rally for workers’ rights in Chicago, IL.

UDW President Editha Adams (third from left) and caregivers rally for workers’ rights in Chicago, IL.

Dear Providers,

It’s fitting that Homecare Provider Appreciation Month and Thanksgiving are both in November. Thank you for being caregivers, and thank you for standing up to make sure the IHSS program is protected for clients like my daughter Ellis.

Caregivers deserve more than a thank you during one month of the year! We deserve to have our work recognized and respected.

It’s 2014, and caregivers are still not afforded the same rights as other workers. Just a few months ago, state legislators passed a law that would grant three days of paid sick leave to California workers. But do you know who are the only workers excluded from the new paid sick leave law? IHSS providers.

Caregivers are not second class citizens. That’s why in 2015 we are calling for an end to injustice. We are fighting for equal rights for caregivers, including paid sick days and an end to the 7% cut to IHSS.

These challenges highlight why we need to continue to stand together.

I invite all of you to attend the next UDW meeting in your county and to volunteer a couple hours of your time to help IHSS providers and clients.

Thank you again for being a caregiver and UDW member!

Please see below for a full report about what I’ve been up to in the last three months.

In unity,

Editha Adams, Caregiver and UDW president

UDW President Official Acts, August-October 2014

Attended district membership meetings

I speak at membership meetings so that I can give members an update on our union’s progress and keep members apprised of what is going on and what is coming up. This quarter I spoke about the general election in November, our PEOPLE program, the AFSCME convention held in July, our legislative priorities, and I debuted our video for new providers at the Riverside Addus meeting. But my favorite part about attending meetings is talking to you! I get to find out what our members care about, what your challenges are, and what you think UDW should be doing to make a better future for homecare.

  • Bakersfield – August 12
  • Merced – August 13
  • San Diego – August 14
  • Riverside IHSS – August 16
  • Stanislaus – August 29
  • Orange – September 26
  • Riverside Addus – September 27
  • Placer – October 16
  • San Luis Obispo – October 4
  • Santa Barbara – October 9

Executive Board Meeting  September 18, 2014

Board meetings happen on a quarterly basis and are comprised of our elected UDW leaders. As president I lead the meeting, give my official President’s Report, and talk about the big picture issues that matter to caregivers. At this meeting we discussed the impact overtime pay will have on our members, our legislative priorities for 2015, and our upcoming UDW Convention in March.

Spoke at community and UDW-sponsored events

National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) National Empowerment Conference – August 17, 2014

I spoke on behalf of UDW to express our commitment and support for NaFFAA’s mission, to lift up the voices of the Filipino community by organizing and empowering Filipino leaders.

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival – September 7, 2014

I spoke on behalf of UDW to urge the Vietnamese community in San Diego to come out against anti-worker business interests and support the minimum wage increase set by the San Diego City Council.

UDW Member Organizer Empowerment Conference – September 12, 2014

I gave the opening talk at the inaugural UDW Member Organizer Empowerment conference, and encouraged UDW activists and leaders to get our fellow caregivers involved in our movement.

Trained elected officers

Met with and trained the local UDW board members in both Kern and Riverside on the Robert Rules of Order and how to lead membership meetings.


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