What homecare providers need most

This November we asked UDW members to complete a survey for a chance to win a $200 grocery store gift card (check out winner Maria Villa’s story here).

Here’s what you had to say:

Question 1: What challenges do you face as an IHSS provider?

“I care for my twin sister and she never seems to get enough hours to cover all of the help she needs from me. It would also be nice if she received IHSS hours for the time spent helping her with paperwork and phone calls.” – Shirley in San Diego County

“The hours I work cover less than the care my client needs. I sometimes work more than I am supposed to just because I know my client really needs it.” – Rubi in Kern County

“I have the hardest time doing everything my clients need in the time allotted.” – Heather in Placer County

“There aren’t enough hours in the day to provide all the care my client needs. Also, being able to balance my life and that of my client’s as well.” – Porchia in Riverside County

Question 2: Why did you join UDW?

“I became a union member because there is more power with many, than just one. I also enjoy learning from other providers, the friendships I’ve made, and being able to advocate for my fellow workers and myself.” – Reginald in Orange County

“I joined for the benefits, resources, and training. I know the union is there to help me if I have any questions or issues.” – Maria in San Diego County

“UDW is our voice. All of us working together can make huge changes for our clients and loved ones.” – Christine in Riverside County

“I joined for the support of the community and member benefits that will help me give my client a better quality of life.” – Stuart in San Luis Obispo County “We need to fight for the pay we deserve.” – Arlene in Stanislaus County

Question 3: What should we fight for in 2015?

“Let’s fight to increase our wages every year, remove the 7% cut to IHSS forever, and implement paid time off. We need a retirement plan, and to move IHSS to statewide collective bargaining.” – Carol in Riverside County

“We should have sick pay. Our legislators should understand that a healthy caregiver is vital to giving quality care.” – Julian in San Luis Obispo County

“We need to stop the cuts to IHSS.” – Theresa in Merced County

“We definitely need a pay raise! Babysitters are getting paid more than IHSS homecare workers.” – Kelly in San Diego County

We heard you loud and clear – here’s what we’re going to do about it!

In 2015 UDW homecare workers will come together to fight for many of these issues and more. Our top priorities will be ending the 7% cut to IHSS hours and moving to statewide collective bargaining for IHSS providers, so that we can be stronger and fight for better wages together! We are also advocating for paid sick leave, after being unfairly excluded from last year’s bill.

Do you need help getting more hours of care for your client now? Reach out to your local office to find out about advocacy councils. We’re here to help!


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