UDW brings people together to help providers

A Helping Hand 

At the heart of UDW is helping – whether it’s standing up for the rights of homecare clients, volunteering in the community, or lending a hand to a fellow homecare provider in need. Our union is a place where people can come together to give and receive. To volunteer or get involved, contact your local UDW office or call us at 1-800-621-5016.

Maria Espinoza

Maria Espinoza

Feeding families in San Diego

“I volunteer to distribute food to homecare providers and community members at UDW’s food drive in San Diego. I know the feeling of being unable to feed your family every night. There were times when my paycheck wasn’t enough to buy groceries for my family, and the food drive helped me. It is important for caregivers to help each other, because we spend so much time helping others.“ — Maria Espinoza, San Diego County

Teresa Swick

Teresa Swick

 Getting more IHSS hours

“In 10 years as a provider, I’ve learned a lot about IHSS, which is why I got involved with UDW’s Advocacy Council in my county. We are caregivers who help caregivers navigate IHSS. I once helped a young man taking care of his mother appeal a bad assessment. Together we got all of her hours reinstated! We are fighting for our clients, so we need to fight for each other, too.” — Teresa Swick, Kern County

theresa said

Theresa Said

Standing up for IHSS clients

“When my son was diagnosed with autism, I quit my job to care for him full-time. After a rough experience getting my son approved by IHSS, I began helping other parents as a part of my county’s UDW Advocacy Council. Being your child’s homecare provider can be tough, and the stress of having to navigate IHSS exacerbates our frustrations. If I have even an hour to help a caregiver get IHSS for their child, I will do it.” — Theresa Said, Merced County

Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

Bringing new caregivers to IHSS

“When my former IHSS client, Jeanie, needed help becoming a homecare provider, I stepped in. Jeanie’s compassion for people is unmatched, making her perfect for homecare. I took her to the IHSS office in El Dorado County, walked her through the process, and helped her find a client. I know when we help each other, we serve our clients better. As caregivers, we are a team, and we have to stick together.” — Lisa Scott, El Dorado County


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