Fall 2018 Caregiver

President’s Report, Autumn 2018

Dear Fellow IHSS Providers- As your Statewide President, I have been busy this Fall making sure caregiver voices are heard up and down California—and in Washington, DC. Many important issues are at stake this election year, and many of them directly affect us and our clients. From protecting our IHSS program to ensuring that our families have health care and affordable housing, the people we elect can make all the difference in the well-being of those we care for—and about. That’s why caregivers get involved in the political process: to elect more people into office who understand our struggles, and […]

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These legislators voted to cut Medicaid & IHSS – and now we can vote them out

Last year we fought hard to protect the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid when Congress tried to repeal and gut them, because doing so would have meant hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to IHSS. But in spite of our best efforts, some California lawmakers refused to support home care and voted to cut IHSS several times. Now we can tell them how we feel about that by voting them out of office! Here are the lawmakers that voted to cut care for millions of our state’s seniors and people with disabilities: To learn more, visit: www.cutshurtca.com *Darrell Issa […]

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Do you have a plan to vote on November 6th?

So you’ve done your research and you know who you’re going to vote for. Your next step is making sure to get out and vote on November 6th! Don’t have a plan to vote yet? Here’s a checklist that can help: Are you registered to vote? You have until October 22nd – register to vote at www.registertovote.ca.gov Voting in person? Make sure you know where your polling place is and how you will get there. Lines are usually shortest in the middle of the day when most people are at work. If you work at a job outside of the […]

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Celebrate Caregivers with me this November!

November is Provider Appreciation Month, a time to thank the thousands of IHSS caregivers across our state who make home care possible for low-income seniors and people with disabilities. We do some of the most important work there is, and yet we are among the lowest paid workers in the state. At UDW, we are caregivers supporting each other so we can earn higher wages, better benefits, and protect the IHSS program. We fight for ourselves and our clients. Together, we will create a future where caregivers are supported and everyone has the care they need. While we work toward […]

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Vote for leaders who will stand up for caregivers and our clients! By this time in an election year, you’ve probably had your fill of politics: the commercials, the mailers, the phone calls. Most of us just want to turn the other way and ignore it. The problem with ignoring it, though, is that elections decide who will be our lawmakers. And our lawmakers decide what happens to programs like IHSS. So, tuning out the people running for office means tuning out the people who could improve our home care program—or destroy it. And it’s not just IHSS that’s at […]

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