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My Child, I’ll Wait for You by Patricia Moore

Please allow my child to continu8e to receive In Home Supportive Service in her home. The alternative to in home care would be a state run facility which would not be in her best interest. Below is a poem which I wrote for her. The services of IHSS enable me, as her mother, to give her all she needs for her daily care. Thank you in advance for reading my poem, I’ll Wait For You I’ll wait for you my child The race has just begun I’ll wait for you forever, until we both have won

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A mother’s story… by Claudia Tuckman

Hearing the words “your child has autism” is devastating. Discovering your next child also shares the disability is heartbreaking. Losing your home and everything you have worked so hard your entire life in a desperate attempt to help your children emerge from the dark world that engulfs them is a bearable loss if it means you can pay for more treatments that insurance doesn’t cover.

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How can you put a price on love? by Kathleen Hartshorne

How can you put a price on love? My amazing son sings all my songs by heart but can’t cross the street safely! Stands up at a Celtic Women concert and blows kisses to the girls, but would accidentally burn down the kitchen if not watched. This wonderful young man who would wander away and go into any house on the street, is my reason for living. He is the greatest joy I have ever known, and also the one who makes it impossible to work out of the house, or have any freedom like adults usually have. I have […]

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