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Information on settlement in IHSS cases

Below please find links to a flyer and the official class notice regarding the settlement of the Dominguez and Oster lawsuits challenging cuts to the IHSS program. Notice of Class Action Settlements [pdf] Settlement Notice, 1-page Flyer [pdf] Full Settlement Agreement [pdf]   TRANSLATIONS

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Together we stopped the 20% cuts to IHSS

This week we reached a legal agreement to stop 20% cuts that would have devastated our families and clients. For years, politicians have slashed the IHSS program and we filed lawsuits to stop them. Our agreement does not stop all of the cuts, but it is a step in the right direction. You can read more about the IHSS settlement agreement here.                       “Our work is God’s work,” said San Diego caregiver Editha Adams. Watch this video and share if you agree! Download IHSS Settlement Agreement Factsheet in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese. Click here to […]

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Breaking news – Governor proposes delaying dual-eligible demonstration project to Sept 2013 in phased In approach; Will allow 3.6% IHSS cut to end as scheduled June 30 2013

CDCAN DISABILITY RIGHTS REPORT  CALIFORNIA DISABILITY COMMUNITY ACTION NETWORK #004-2013 – January 10, 2013 – Thursday Advocacy Without Borders: One Community – Accountability With Action California Budget Crisis – Breaking News: GOVERNOR PROPOSES DELAYING IMPLEMENTATION OF “DUAL ELIGIBLES” DEMONSTRATION PROJECT TO SEPTEMBER 2013 – NO NEW CUTS PROPOSED FOR IHSS, HEALTHY FAMILIES – 3.6% EXISTING IHSS CUT WILL END AS SCHEDULED JUNE 30, 2013 Proposes That 8 County Demonstration Project Be Implemented Under A “Phased In” Approach Beginning In September 2013 LA County Would Enroll Persons Dually Eligible Over 18 Month Period Beginning September 2013 Alameda, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, […]

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Understanding IHSS "unmet need" and how it impacts consumer hours

Why this is important: If the consumer has documented unmet need, across the board cuts to IHSS (like the recent 3.6 percent cut) will be applied first to this unmet need.  Therefore, the actual reduction in IHSS hours may be significantly less. Note that for almost 2,000 consumers with documented unmet need, the notices sent in late December about the 3.6% cut contained an inaccurate calculation of total authorized need.  DSS says that this was caused by a “programming error” and that corrected Notices of Action were sent to affected consumers on January 7, 2011. Know Your Rights “Unmet need” refers to a situation […]

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