UDW Legislative Update: Winning dignity for home care workers and our clients

UDW is a union for home care providers by home care providers, which means we are committed to the issues that are important to caregivers and our clients and loved ones. Together, we are a strong voice for seniors, people with disabilities, home care providers, and working families at the Capitol. In 2016, in addition to permanently ending the 7% cut to our clients’ IHSS hours, we’re sponsoring legislation that would start our work to secure unemployment insurance, Medicare, and Social Security benefits for family providers.

Here are the bills UDW is sponsoring, supporting, opposing, and watching in 2016:


AB 211 (Gomez): State level collective bargaining for IHSS caregivers

AB 1930 (Lackey): Equal rights and benefits for spouse and parent providers

AB 2133 (Chu): Appeals process for parents and family child care providers

SB 1330 (Galgiani): Keeping people with disabilities safer in our communities


AB 598 (Calderon): Supportive tools for family child care providers

AB 635 (Atkins): Medical interpreters to improve patient care

AB 1235 (Gipson): Improving housing allowances for Medi-Cal patients in nursing facilities

AB 1584 (Brown): Lifting Californians out of poverty by increasing SSI/SSP payments

AB 1655 (Dodd): Increasing personal needs allowance for qualifying Medi-Cal recipients

AB 1797 (Lackey): Applying for IHSS online

AB 1978 (Gonzalez): Protecting workers from exploitation

AB 2036 (Lopez): Background checks in online child care listings

AB 2150 (Santiago): Protecting working families’ access to quality child care

AB 2819 (Chiu): Increasing fairness and access to affordable housing

SB 3 (Leno): Increasing California’s minimum wage

SB 22 (Roth): Expanding access to quality healthcare

SB 23 (Mitchell): Ensuring availability of CalWORKS to families in need

SB 826 (Leno): Budget Act of 2016

SB 828 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review): Relating to the Budget Act of 2016

SB 899 (Hueso): Ending gender-based discrimination in the pricing of consumer goods

SB 1015 (Leyva): Extending overtime pay for California’s domestic workers

SB 1063 (Hall): Closing California’s ethnic and racial wage gap

SB 1150 (Leno): Fair mortgage practices

SB 1234 (De León): The California Secure Choice Savings Program

SB 1377 (Nguyen): Supporting unpaid family caregivers

SCA 8 (Mendoza): Increasing the size and diversity of county Board of Supervisors


AB 2753 (Grove): Accessing union financial information

AB 2754 (Grove): Choosing public employee unions

SB 1344 (Stone): Work hour limits for domestic employees


AB 1319 (Dababneh): Change to Medi-Cal share of cost formula

AB 1727 (Gonzalez): Updating independent contractor law

AB 2158 (Wagner): Making listing on the registry and training mandatory for IHSS providers

AB 2231 (Calderon): Addressing fines for caregivers

AB 2662 (Patterson): Increased transparency in the decertification process

SB 1420 (Mendoza): Mandated training for family child care providers


Paid for by United Domestic Workers of America Action Fund, sponsored by United Domestic Workers of America. Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate.