Member Benefits

UDW members are eligible for all of these benefits and more. To become a member, sign up here.

Make sure you are a member in good standing in order to access your UDW benefits and resources! If your client is in the hospital or you lost a client and are waiting for a new one, you can request a six-month Leave of Absence by sending a letter to: UDW Headquarters, 4855 Seminole Dr., San Diego, CA 92115.

Caregiver Training & Classes

All UDW caregivers have access to free and low-cost training through the California Independent Provider Training Center (CAIPTC). CAIPTC offers classes on Family Caregiving, First Aid/CPR, US Citizenship, Nutrition & Healthy Eating, and more! Check your local office to see what’s available near you or visit

Additionally, members in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties have access to free classes through Kaiser Wellness on healthy habits, stress management, back care, and more! Visit for more information.

Help with IHSS

Does your client need help getting more hours of care? Through our advocacy councils we have helped UDW members get more hours for their clients and win thousands of dollars in back pay. Click here to learn more.

UDW Match

Need new clients? Know a potential homecare client looking for a provider? Visit UDW’s new client-provider matching service, UDW Match, at today. Note: this service is currently offered in San Diego County only.

Low-Cost Dental Plans

UDW members can enroll in a low-cost dental plan through Dental Health Services! For as little as $18/month you can enroll in comprehensive dental insurance with low copayments that cover dentists in your area. Check it out here.

Auto Advantage


Health Services

House & Home



Money & Credit


Union Shopping

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