Our Victories

Working together, UDW caregivers and our union have done a lot to protect the IHSS program for our clients, make improvements to IHSS that positively impact the lives of clients and providers, and raise wages and expand benefits for IHSS home care workers. Check it out!

Protecting the IHSS Program for our Clients

  • UDW prevented a 20% cut to IHSS hours in court, and subsequently restored a 7% cut to hours.
  • In 2020, citing a massive budget deficit due to COVID-19, Governor Newsom proposed reinstating the 7% cut to IHSS—but we stopped that, too.
  • UDW also stopped politicians when they tried to:
    • Eliminate the entire IHSS program,
    • Eliminate IHSS services for clients with a functional index score below 4, which would have cut the program by 87%,
    • Reduce client choice and self-direction.
  • UDW has successfully ended burdensome requirements for IHSS providers clients, including the requirement that all IHSS clients be fingerprinted and that providers and clients fingerprint each timesheet.
  • Protected IHSS in the transition to Medi-Cal managed care by safeguarding the rights of IHSS providers and clients.
  • UDW helps providers appeal their clients’ hours assessments and win more IHSS hours including back pay.
  • UDW fought against false claims of abuse in the IHSS program. Politicians claimed up to 25% fraud in the program to try to attack and de-fund the program.
  • UDW sponsored and won legislation to protect people with mental illness and intellectual disabilities by mandating increased training for police officers.

Improving the IHSS Program for Providers and our Families

  • UDW stopped politicians when they tried to reduce the pay of IHSS providers to minimum wage,
  • Sponsored and won legislation to establish direct deposit for IHSS paychecks.
  • UDW won legislation that mandates the state send to all providers a version of their client’s Notice of Action (NOA), which lists what services and hours a client is authorized to receive — helping providers work only the hours and services that they will be paid for.
  • UDW has successfully ended burdensome requirements for IHSS providers, including:
    • The requirement that all IHSS clients be fingerprinted and that providers and clients fingerprint each timesheet,
    • The prohibition on providers using PO Boxes as their mailing address,
    • The requirement that providers pay for more than one criminal background check if they work in more than one county.
    • Additional background checks.
  • UDW protected the rights of providers by winning legislation requiring counties to share with providers the results of their criminal background check and information on how to appeal an erroneous result if an applicant is denied eligibility to enroll as an IHSS provider.
  • Won overtime pay for caregivers after being excluded from these protections for over 75 years.
    • Stopped restrictions in overtime that would have limited providers to 40 hours per week and disrupted care.
    • Stopped the state from forcing clients to use a temp pool of less experienced providers which would have required some clients to have strangers in their home.
    • Pressured the state to lessen their proposed timesheet violations.
    • Pressured the state to extend the grace period for violations from three months to five months.
    • Forced the state to create an exemptions process for providers who need to work more hours than the maximum allowed under the overtime rules.
  • Lobbied the state to fix late IHSS paychecks and timesheets by:
    • Securing more hours of processing at the timesheet facility to avoid delays over holiday weekends,
    • Winning a state-level audit to uncover issues with the payroll system,
    • Pressuring the state to launch optional electronic timesheets in 2017.

Raising Wages and Improving Benefits

  • UDW sponsored and won the legislation that secured collective bargaining rights for IHSS providers.
  • Won legislation to create a statewide authority for IHSS, which helped move collective bargaining and contract negotiations away from county supervisors who do not support home care.
  • UDW has won pay raises and health benefits for caregivers.
  • UDW helped win a $15 minimum wage in California.
  • UDW won paid sick days, travel time, and medical accompaniment for IHSS providers.
  • UDW provides free trainings for caregivers, including CPR and first aid, family caregiving, and U.S. citizenship classes.
  • UDW provides a low-cost dental plan.
  • UDW provides discounts on services like cell phones and auto insurance.
  • UDW provides free life insurance ($4,000 benefit for UDW members, $2,000 benefit for nonmembers).
  • UDW helps providers sign up for free or low cost health insurance.
  • UDW helps IHSS providers find new clients.
  • UDW gives free food to IHSS providers and community members at a monthly food drive in San Diego.

Protecting Our Clients and Communities

  • Half of all people killed by police have a physical or intellectual disability or mental illness. UDW sponsored and passed bills mandating 30 hours of evidence-based classroom training for police officers to learn how to properly interact with people with disabilities who are in crisis (2015).
  • Expanded “Be On the Lookout” bulletin requirements to include people with cognitive and developmental disabilities (2016).
  • Co-sponsored and helped pass the strongest use-of-force law in the country, requiring that law enforcement only use deadly force when all other methods of de-escalation are exhausted (2019).
  • Sponsored and passed legislation to look at the feasibility of updating our 911 system to ensure that first responders have all the information they need to properly assist a person with a disability who is in crisis (2019).
  • Co-sponsored and helped pass the California Racial Justice Act, groundbreaking legislation prohibiting the use of race, ethnicity, or national origin to seek or obtain convictions or impose sentences (2020).

Protecting IHSS and Medicaid from Federal Cuts

  • In 2017 UDW worked with advocates across the nation to stop the Republican majority in Congress from passing legislation that would repeal the ACA and reduce Medicaid funding for states. If enacted this legislation would have:
    • capped federal funding for state Medicaid programs including IHSS,
    • threatened health care coverage for 14.1 million Californians,
    • lost $400 million in federal funding for IHSS in 2020 and growing annually.

Securing Rights and Improved Working Conditions for Family Child Care Providers

  • CCPU-UDW (Child Care Providers United-UDW) won legislation increasing reimbursement rates paid to family child care providers through the state’s low-income child care subsidy program, also updating eligibility limits and lengthening eligibility periods, allowing more working families access to subsidized child care (2017).
  • CCPU-UDW also won improvements to the Alternative Payment (AP) programs by introducing direct deposit for family child care providers and requiring AP programs to include payment descriptions with paychecks and promptly notify providers of changes in a family’s subsidy eligibility, ensuring that providers only work hours for which they will be paid (2017).
  • After a 16-year fight, CCPU-UDW won collective bargaining rights for family child care providers (2019).
  • CCPU-UDW members appointed to Governor Newsom’s Early Childhood Policy Council and advisory committees with the goal of informing the creation of a Master Plan for Early Learning and Care (2019).
  • And in 2020, child care providers overwhelmingly voted to be represented by their union, Child Care Providers United (a joint effort by UDW/AFSCME and SEIU). We will continue to fight for the rights and benefits that our providers deserve.

Fighting for Universal Long-Term Care

  • Won $3 million in the state budget to fund the collection and analysis of critical data on the need for expanding access to long-term services and supports (LTSS) in California (2018).
  • Working with the California Aging and Disability Alliance (CADA), UDW secured $1 million in funding for an actuarial analysis on financing and service options for LTSS, the next step in our fight to win universal long-term care (2019).
  • Appointed by the Governor to serve on the Alzheimer’s Task Force and the Master Plan for Aging Stakeholder Advisory Committee (2019).

Protecting IHSS Providers, Family Child Care Providers, and the Californians We Serve During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • UDW successfully fought to protect the January 2021 statewide minimum wage increase in the face of a COVID-related economic downturn.
  • UDW pushed back on Governor’s proposed cuts to IHSS and child care and succeeded in getting legislature to reject all cuts.
  • UDW purchased and distributed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to our members and pushed the state to provide hundreds of thousands of pieces of PPE to IHSS providers, too – and successfully advocated for a statewide PPE stockpile for use by health care and essential workers, including IHSS providers and family child care providers.
  • UDW ensured that IHSS providers would have access to federal assistance programs including two weeks of COVID-related emergency paid sick leave and unemployment assistance.
  • UDW fought for the creation of emergency provider backup systems in every county and a supplemental $2/hour wage for workers serving as backups.
  • Won presumptive eligibility for all IHSS providers who file workers compensation claims as a result of COVID-19.
  • CCPU-UDW won a total of $100 million to protect child care providers and the families they serve during the pandemic; $50 million for child care vouchers for essential workers and $50 million for cleaning supplies.
  • CCPU-UDW won guaranteed subsidy payments to child care providers regardless of attendance through September 30, 2020.
  • CCPU-UDW secured up to 14 additional paid non-operation days for family child care providers during the pandemic.
  • CCPU-UDW ensured thatproviders will be reimbursed for care during the time a school-age child is participating in distance learning in their child care facility.
  • CCPU-UDW also made sure that for monthly attendance records, if a parent/guardian is unable to sign due to the pandemic, the provider may submit the attendance record without a signature.
  • CCPU-UDW launched the Carina program to match essential workers who needed child care with potential family child care providers.


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